About Cat

I am a PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at Purdue University, where I previously taught professional writing. I am currently working on my dissertation, which deals with blogging, narrative and trauma. Other research interests include: feminist theory, new media, digital writing, and technical writing. In addition to my scholarly work, I do freelance work in a variety of areas including web design and editing. I've recently combined my freelance work under the umbrella company, ReVision Consulting.

I am a native of South Carolina, where I received my undergraduate degree in English at the University of South Carolina. After forays into working as a bookkeeper and a legal secretary, I also received my master's certificate in Women's Studies at the University of South Carolina. I began my second master's degree work at Purdue in August of 2002. Since then I have lived in Lafayette, Indiana during the school year and have spent my summers traveling, often back to my home in Columbia, South Carolina. During my summers I teach online classes in professional writing for Purdue. I have a constant traveling companion--my cat, Beloved. She is about to embark on her seventeenth round trip in an airplane. She is probably the best traveled cat in the US. We've been together for ten years, and she still refuses to help with cleaning and grading papers.

I have a variety of interests extending beyond my academic work. I am an avid photographer and knitter. While I've been a photographer since I got my first 35mm camera at age fifteen, I became a knitter while working on my master's thesis, "The Wordless Universe: Kenneth Burke and the Search for a Symbolic of Trauma." My other interests including hiking, preferably in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, traveling, writing, and, like many academics, reading.

For the past nine years, I have indulged my passion for writing by keeping several different blogs, all of which have made progress towards my current blog, rhetoricat: thoughts of a feminist rhetorician. Through my blogs, I have chronicled personal experience as well as academic pursuits. Blogging has been a much needed outlet and is part of the reason that I became interested in the use of blogging as an outlet for trauma survivors/victims.